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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What type of insurance is required or needed?

A. Three types of insurance are required for your protection.

• Garage Keepers Insurance - provides coverage for vehicles damaged while in our custody.
• Garage Liability Insurance - provides coverage against liability incurred by our valet service.
• Workers Compensation - provides medical and loss of employment coverage for an employee injured while on your property.

Q. How many valets will I need on my event?

A. The first step to determine how many valets you will need on your event is to understand how many cars they will be parking. As a general rule we anticipate the cars to be parked to be approximately 40% of your anticipated guest count. Other factors that influence number of cars to be parked include,…How much alternative self parking is available? What kind of weather will the guests be arriving in? Is your group anticipating valet parking(i.e. is valet parking listed on the invitation?), How visible are the valets upon arrival?, How much event and parking signage will be displayed?

Each valet on your event can park and retrieve 8 cars within a thirty minute to forty-five minute window. If the arrival and exit time of your guests is prolonged it may be possible for each valet to park more. If you have a rushed arrival, (i.e. wedding reception), or a rushed departure(weekday luncheon) you will need more valets to ensure adequate service for your guests.

Q. How do you determine my cost for valet service?

A. The cost of the valet service is determined by the number of valets you need multiplied by the number of hours they will be in service and then multiplied by an hourly rate. For instance 4 valets working for 4 hours at $27/hr is $432.00.

Q. Where do the valets park the cars?

A. We are able to park the vehicles on the streets and open parking lots as permissible by property owners and the parking laws. We utilize street parking as efficiently as possible. For private homes we will park up and down the streets of the neighborhood. When we have an open area or empty parking lot we can become quite efficient in maximizing the available space.

Q. What will the valets be wearing?

A. We have two uniform the Spring Uniform(April 1st through September 30th) and the Fall Uniform(October 1st through March 31st).

Q. Do you do background checks?

A. Before any employees are hired we not only run a criminal background check, but also check their driving record. Any perspective employee which has any previous criminal activity is excluded from applying. Additionally, all employees must have two or less moving violations within the last three years to be consider for employment.

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